Army Training CodeChef Solution


Army Training CodeChef Solution

Army Training CodeChef Solution

Chef is a high-ranked army officer and he has been given the job to train the army.

The army consists of NN soldiers where each soldier has 33 parameters:

  • Attack points:¬†AiAi¬†where¬†(0<Ai<1000)(0<Ai<1000);
  • Defense points:¬†(1000‚ąíAi)(1000‚ąíAi);
  • Soldier type:¬†ATTACK¬†or¬†DEFENSE.

For the whole army:

  • Attack value¬†of the army is defined as the¬†sum¬†of¬†attack points¬†of all¬†ATTACK¬†type soldiers.
  • Defense value¬†of the army is defined as the¬†sum¬†of¬†defense points¬†of all¬†DEFENSE¬†type soldiers.
  • Rating¬†of the army is defined as the¬†product¬†of¬†Attack value¬†and¬†Defense value¬†of the army.

Assign the soldier type to each of the soldiers to maximize the rating of the army. Print the maximum rating.

NOTE: The output may exceed the range of a 3232-bit integer.
Remember to use 6464-bit data types, such as long long in C++.

Input Format

  • The first line of input will contain a single integer¬†TT, denoting the number of test cases.
  • Each test case consists of multiple lines of input.
    • The first line of each test case contains an integer¬†NN¬†‚ÄĒ the number of soldiers in the army.
    • The next line contains the array¬†AA¬†‚ÄĒ where¬†AiAi¬†denotes the¬†attack points¬†of the¬†ithith¬†soldier.

Army Training CodeChef Solution

Output Format

For each test case, output on a new line the maximum possible rating that can be achieved.


  • 1‚ȧT‚ȧ1001‚ȧT‚ȧ100
  • 2‚ȧN‚ȧ10002‚ȧN‚ȧ1000
  • 0<Ai<10000<Ai<1000
  • Sum of¬†NN¬†over all test cases does not exceed¬†20002000.

Sample Input 1 

500 500
500 500 500
100 800 300 500
300 700 800 200

Sample Output 1 



Army Training CodeChef Solution

Test case¬†11:¬†Soldier¬†11¬†should be used for¬†ATTACK¬†while soldier¬†22¬†should be used for¬†DEFENSE. Thus, the¬†attack value¬†as well as the¬†defense value¬†equals¬†500500. The¬†rating¬†=500‚čÖ500=250000=500‚čÖ500=250000. It can be proven that this is the maximum possible¬†rating¬†that we can achieve for the given army.

Test case 22:

  • Soldier¬†11¬†and¬†22¬†should be used for¬†ATTACK. So,¬†attack value¬†=500+500=1000=500+500=1000
  • Soldier¬†33¬†should be used for¬†DEFENSE. So,¬†defense value¬†=(1000‚ąí500)=500=(1000‚ąí500)=500

So,¬†rating¬†=1000‚čÖ500=500000=1000‚čÖ500=500000. This is the maximum possible¬†rating¬†that we can achieve for the given army.

Test case 33:

  • Soldier¬†22¬†and¬†44¬†should be used for¬†ATTACK. So,¬†attack value¬†=800+500=1300=800+500=1300
  • Soldier¬†11¬†and¬†33¬†should be used for¬†DEFENSE. So,¬†defense value¬†=(1000‚ąí100)+(1000‚ąí300)=1600=(1000‚ąí100)+(1000‚ąí300)=1600

So,¬†rating¬†=1300‚čÖ1600=2080000=1300‚čÖ1600=2080000. This is the maximum possible¬†rating¬†that we can achieve for the given army.

Test case 44:

  • Soldier¬†22¬†and¬†33¬†should be used for¬†ATTACK. So,¬†attack value¬†=700+800=1500=700+800=1500
  • Soldier¬†11¬†and¬†44¬†should be used for¬†DEFENSE. So,¬†defense value¬†=(1000‚ąí300)+(1000‚ąí200)=1500=(1000‚ąí300)+(1000‚ąí200)=1500

So,¬†rating¬†=1500‚čÖ1500=2250000=1500‚čÖ1500=2250000. This is the maximum possible¬†rating¬†that we can achieve for the given army.

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