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CFL Full Form

CFL Full Form is Compact fluorescent lamp

What is the full form of CFL


CFL: Compact fluorescent lamp

CFL stands for compact fluorescent beacon. It’s an energy saving beacon that consumes lower power than the old incandescent lights. It consists of a glass tube and two electrodes. The glass tube contains admixture of argon gas and mercury vapor and its inner face has phosphor coating.

How a CFL works

CFL has different medium to produce light than the incandescent lights. In an incandescent beacon, electric current passes through a line hair. It heats the hair and the hair glows to produce light. In CFL, the current passes through the tube containing the admixture of argon gas and mercury vapor. The current activates the mercury vapor which produces ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light also excites the phosphor coating on the inside of the tube which produces visible light.

Types of CFL

CFL can be of two types



Integrated In an intertwined CFL, the tube, the electronic cargo and the bayonet fitting are combined in one single unit.

Non-integrated In anon-integrated CFL, the electronic cargo is permanently installed in the luminaire. It isn’t combined with the bulb so only the bulb is demanded to be changed at its end of life.

Benefits of CFL

Effective It uses 60-80 lower energy than incandescent lights.

Durable and Cost-effective It lasts further than ordinary bulbs and consumes lower electricity, so it’s less precious in the long run.

Eco-friendly It helps reduce CO2 emigration as CFL causes lower CO2 emigration as compared to an incandescent beacon.

Protean CFLs are largely compatible and protean. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and powers to suit different home sceneries and purposes. You can also fluently install them in a variety of light institutions like table lights, ceiling lights, dimmer lightsetc.

Produces lower heat It produces lower heat as utmost of the energy is converted into visible light so veritably less converts into heat.


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