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COO Full Form

COO Full Form is Chief Operating Officer

What is the full form of COO

COO: Chief Operating Officer

Susurrus stands for Chief Operating Officer. It’s the commercial title of the elderly director of a company who’s responsible for managing critical departments of the company similar as product, marketing and deals. He reports to principal administrative officer (CEO) of the company. Some of the indispensable commercial titles used for Susurrus are Chief Operations Officer, Operations Director and Director of Operations.

Need of COO

CEO of a company remains too busy in strategy timber and maintaining relations with investors and other trading mates. He can not devote important time to day to day operations. So, a Susurrus is demanded who can supervise and insure the smooth handling of day to day operations and report to CEO.

Eligibility/ Conditions

A degree in business administration or affiliated field is preferred

Excellent interpersonal and leadership chops

Capability to break problems and take opinions

In- depth knowledge of business functions like HR, Marketing, Finance, Production etc.

Applicable experience and proven track record in analogous places.

Liabilities of Susurrus

Liabilities of a Susurrus aren’t fixed. The tasks of the COO vary from company to company on the base of the history, culture and nature of business of a company. Some of the common liabilities of a Susurrus are

Searching low cost force sources

Force operation

Working capital operation

Timely product and delivery of products

To supervise the marketing and deals departments

Adding deals and tapping arising requests

COO Full Form

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