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DSLR Full Form

DSLR Full Form is Digital single-lens reflex

What is the full form of DSLR

DSLR: Digital single-lens reflex

DSLR stands for digital single-lens kickback. It refers to a digital camera that integrates optics and medium of single-lens kickback camera with the digital imaging detector. In simple words, it’s a digital camera which uses glass to direct the light from the lens to viewfinder. The viewfinder is a hole which lies on the reverse of the camera and used to exercise the image before you capture it. DSLR camera comes with exchangeable lenses. It enables you to change lenses to get different views of a scene.

DSLR Camera Corridor

The crucial factors of a DSLR camera are


Reflex glass


Image detector

Matte fastening screen

Condenser Lens


Eyepiece/ Viewfinder

How a DSLR works

Light enters the camera through the lens and strikes the kickback glass

The kickback glass reflects the light vertically overhead to the fastening screen

Light passes through fastening screen and enters the pentaprism which is a block of glass

Pentaprism redirects the light through two separate glasses also diverts it towards viewfinder

The viewfinder gives you the live exercise of the image

Now when you click the button to take a print the kickback glass flips overhead and blocks the perpendicular path of light to keep it straight towards image detector

The shutter opens up and the light reaches the image detector

DSLR Full Form

Some of the advantages of DSLR camera over simple digital camera


Picture Quality

Exchangeable lenses

Optic Viewfinder

Large ISO range

Easy editing

Low noise

Faster fastening

High quality in low light

Capability to use pollutants

Dust junking system


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