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FOR Full Form

FOR Full Form is Freight on Road

What is the full form of FOR


FOR: Freight on Road

FOR Full Form

FOR daises for Freight on Road. The term Freight is used for the goods that are transported in bulk from one place to the other place similar as from one megacity to other megacity or from one country to other country. The cost incurred in transporting goods is called freight cost.

FOR means, if goods are ordered on FOR base, the goods will be transported by road and the customer doesn’t need to pay the freight cost. The goods will be transported from the supplier to the customer without any transportation charges.

Maturity of the suppliers force goods by roads. Some force by air and some use aqueducts. The maturity of the world requests are accessible by road so a freight company that supplies goods for importers or exporters by road generally works on FOR base to stay ahead of other freight companies.

FOR Full Form

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