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NPTEL Introduction to Machine Learning Assignment 2 Answer – Here All The Questions and Answers Provided to Help All The Students and NPTEL Candidate as a Reference Purpose, It is Mandetory to Submit Your Weekly Assignment By Your Own Understand Level.

Are you looking for the Assignment Answers to NPTEL Introduction to Machine Learning Assignment 2 Answer? If Yes You are in Our Great Place to Getting Your Solution, This Post Should be help you with the Assignment answer to the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) Course “NPTEL Introduction to Machine Learning Assignment 2 Answer”

NPTEL Introduction to Machine Learning Assignment

With the increased availability of data from varied sources there has been increasing attention paid to the various data driven disciplines such as analytics and machine learning. In this course we intend to introduce some of the basic concepts of machine learning from a mathematically well motivated perspective. We will cover the different learning paradigms and some of the more popular algorithms and architectures used in each of these paradigms.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : This is an elective course. Intended for senior UG/PG students. BE/ME/MS/PhD
PREREQUISITES : We will assume that the students know programming for some of the assignments.If the students have done introductory courses on probability theory and linear algebra it would be helpful. We will review some of the basic topics in the first two weeks as well.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Any company in the data analytics/data science/big data domain would value this course

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This course can have Associate in Nursing unproctored programming communication conjointly excluding the Proctored communication, please check announcement section for date and time. The programming communication can have a weightage of twenty fifth towards the ultimate score.

Final score = Assignment score + Unproctored programming exam score + Proctored Exam score
  • Assignment score = 25% of average of best 8 assignments out of the total 12 assignments given in the course.
  • ( All assignments in a particular week will be counted towards final scoring – quizzes and programming assignments). 
  • Unproctored programming exam score = 25% of the average scores obtained as part of Unproctored programming exam – out of 100
  • Proctored Exam score =50% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100
If any one of the 3 criteria is not met, you will not be eligible for the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100. 


BELOW YOU CAN GET YOUR NPTEL Introduction to Machine Learning Assignment 2 Answer 2022? :

Q1. The parameters obtained in linear regression

a. can take any value in the real space
b. are strictly integers
c. always lie in the range [0,1] d. can take only non-zero values

Answer:- a

2. Suppose that we have NN independent variables (X1,X2,…XnX1,X2,…Xn) and the dependent variable is YY . Now imagine that you are applying linear regression by fitting the best fit line using the least square error on this data. You found that the correlation coefficient for one of its variables (Say X1X1) with YY is -0.005.

a. Regressing Y on X1 mostly does not explain away Y.
b. Regressing Y on X1 explains away Y.
c. The given data is insufficient to determine if regressing Y on X1 explains away Y or not.

Answer:- b
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3. Consider the following five training examples

NPTEL Introduction to Machine Learning Assignment 2 Answers
We want to learn a function f(x) of the form f(x)=ax+b which is parameterised by (a,b).Using mean squared error as the loss function, which of the following parameters would you use to model this function to get a solution with the minimum loss?
  • (4, 3)
  • (1, 4)
  • (4, 1)
  • (3, 4)
Answer:- c

4. The relation between studying time (in hours) and grade on the final examination (0-100) in a random sample of students in the Introduction to Machine Learning Class was found to be:
Grade = 30.5 + 15.2 (h)
How will a student’s grade be affected if she studies for four hours?

a. It will go down by 30.4 points.
b. It will go down by 30.4 points.
c. It will go up by 60.8 points.
d. The grade will remain unchanged.
e. It cannot be determined from the information given

Answer:- c

5. Which of the statements is/are True?

a. Ridge has sparsity constraint, and it will drive coefficients with low values to 0.
b. Lasso has a closed form solution for the optimization problem, but this is not the case for Ridge.
c. Ridge regression does not reduce the number of variables since it never leads a coefficient to zero but only minimizes it.
d. If there are two or more highly collinear variables, Lasso will select one of them randomly.

Answer:- a,d

6. Consider the following statements:

Assertion(A): Orthogonalization is applied to the dimensions in linear regression.
Reason(R): Orthogonalization makes univariate regression possible in each orthogonal dimension separately to produce the coefficients.

a. Both A and R are true, and R is the correct explanation of A.
b. Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A.
c. A is true, but R is false.
d. A is false, but R is true.
e. Both A and R are false.

Answer:- a
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7. Consider the following statements:

Statement A: In Forward stepwise selection, in each step, that variable is chosen which has the maximum correlation with the residual, then the residual is regressed on that variable, and it is added to the predictor.

Statement B: In Forward stagewise selection, the variables are added one by one to the previously selected variables to produce the best fit till then

a. Both the statements are True.
b. Statement A is True, and Statement B is False
c. Statement A if False and Statement B is True
d. Both the statements are False.

Answer:- a

8. The linear regression model y=a0+a1x1+a2x2+…+apxp is to be fitted to a set of N training data points having p attributes each. Let X be N×(p+1) vectors of input values (augmented by 1‘s), Y be N×1 vector of target values, and θ be (p+1)×1 vector of parameter values (a0,a1,a2,…,ap). If the sum squared error is minimized for obtaining the optimal regression model, which of the following equation holds?

Answer:- c
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