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NPTEL Software Engineering Assignment 3 Answer – Here All The Questions and Answers Provided to Help All The Students and NPTEL Candidate as a Reference Purpose, It is Mandetory to Submit Your Weekly Assignment By Your Own Understand Level.

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NPTEL Software Engineering Assignment

Large scale software development poses special challenges. This course targets to expose the students to the challenges of large scale software development and would expose the students as to how to overcome those. Starting with basic life cycle model concepts, it would discuss requirements specification, design, and testing issues. The concepts will be illustrated with appropriate examples.
PREREQUISITES: C Programming, Java or C++ programming

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This course can have Associate in Nursing unproctored programming communication conjointly excluding the Proctored communication, please check announcement section for date and time. The programming communication can have a weightage of twenty fifth towards the ultimate score.

Final score = Assignment score + Unproctored programming exam score + Proctored Exam score
  • Assignment score = 25% of average of best 8 assignments out of the total 12 assignments given in the course.
  • ( All assignments in a particular week will be counted towards final scoring – quizzes and programming assignments). 
  • Unproctored programming exam score = 25% of the average scores obtained as part of Unproctored programming exam – out of 100
  • Proctored Exam score =50% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100
If any one of the 3 criteria is not met, you will not be eligible for the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100. 


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1. Which of the following are prominent characteristics of agile software development?

a. Incremental development
b. Iterative development
c. Linear development
d. Customer participation in development
e. Development at customer site

Answer:- A

2. Agile model advocates which of the following approaches?

a. In each increment, get something “quick and dirty” delivered, which may or may not add much value to the customer
b. In each increment, get something simple and minimal released, but as quickly as possible
c. In each increment, get something of business-value delivered, consistent with the right level of quality
d. In each increment, get something delivered once it has been fully documented and the documentation has been signed off as complete
e. In each increment, complete and deliver the working software for one use case

Answer:- D
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3. Which of the following are not the characteristic of an agile software development project?

a. Shared code ownership
b. Implement the simplest solution to meet today’s problem
cContinual feedback from customer
d. Postpone integration until all the incremental deliveries are complete
e. Pair programming
f. Rapid prototyping

Answer:- A

4. Members of a Scrum team are usually expected to answer which of the following questions during a daily Scrum meeting?

a. What did you do yesterday
b. What will you do today?
c. What obstacles are in your way?
d. Why are you getting delayed?
e. Why your program is having too many bugs?

Answer:- E

5. Which one of the following is not true in a Scrum development?

a. Sprint is the fundamental process flow of Scrum
b. A sprint is a month-long iteration, during which an incremental product functionality completed
c. During a Sprint, customer feedback is continually obtained and the Sprint backlog is accordingly modified
d. Each day begins with a daily Scrum meeting

Answer:- D

6. Which of the following are not true of a build and fix style of development?

a. Coding starts immediately after requirements specification
b. Coding starts without any formal requirements specification
c. No formal design is carried outd) No testing is carried out
e. No requirements specification document is developed

Answer:- A
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7. Who among the following are considered as the stakeholders in a software development project?

a. Shareholders of the organization developing the software
b. Shareholders of the organization for whom the software is getting developed
c. Anyone who is interested in the software
d. Clients who define the requirements for the software
e. Developers of the outsourced parts of the software
f. Developers of the software
g. Users of the software

Answer:- A

8. Which of the following are performed during the requirements analysis and specification phase in an iterative waterfall software development?

a. Gather requirements.
b. Build a prototype.
c. Identify any ambiguity, inconsistency, and incompleteness in the gathered requirements
d. Analyze and allocate resources based on requirements specification
e. Prepare the requirements specification document

Answer:- D

9. Pair programming intends to take which one of the following best practices to the extreme?

a. Design
b. Incremental development
c. Code review
e. Spike development
f. Daily integration

Answer:- C

10. Which of the following are not goals of requirements analysis?

a. Weed out ambiguities in the requirements
b. Weed out inconsistencies in the requirements
c. Weed out non-functional requirements
d. Weed out incompleteness in the requirements
e. Weed out references to third party software

Answer:- D
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