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NPTEL Software Testing Assignment 7 Answer – Here All The Questions and Answers Provided to Help All The Students and NPTEL Candidate as a Reference Purpose, It is Mandetory to Submit Your Weekly Assignment By Your Own Understand Level.

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Table of Contents

NPTEL Software Testing Assignment

This course will cover various techniques for test case design, as used for testing of software artifacts including requirements, design and code. We will discuss algorithms and techniques for test case design based on graphs, logic, syntax of programming languages and on inputs. Special techniques for testing object-oriented features and web applications will also be discussed. The course will end with symbolic testing techniques. These broadly will cover test cases for both white-box and black-box.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any Interested Learners
PRE-REQUISITES: Programming, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics (basics)
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: The material of this course has been used to offer training for Samsung, ABB and Mindtree. The course will be useful for any firm that does tests their software.

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This course can have Associate in Nursing unproctored programming communication conjointly excluding the Proctored communication, please check announcement section for date and time. The programming communication can have a weightage of twenty fifth towards the ultimate score.

Final score = Assignment score + Unproctored programming exam score + Proctored Exam score
  • Assignment score = 25% of average of best 8 assignments out of the total 12 assignments given in the course.
  • ( All assignments in a particular week will be counted towards final scoring – quizzes and programming assignments). 
  • Unproctored programming exam score = 25% of the average scores obtained as part of Unproctored programming exam – out of 100
  • Proctored Exam score =50% of the proctored certification exam score out of 100
If any one of the 3 criteria is not met, you will not be eligible for the certificate even if the Final score >= 40/100. 


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Assignment not submitted
For the first five questions, consider the following set of requirements for a college job placement process. If the CGPA is ≥ 8 (out of 10), then the students are eligible for companies that offer salaries ≥ INR 20,00,000/= per annum. If the CGPA is between 6 and 8 then they are eligible for companies that offer salaries less than INR 20,00,000/= per annum. If there aren’t any companies with salary offers ≥ INR 20,00,000/= per annum in a particular period, then those with CGPA ≥ 8 will also appear in the companies in the lower salary categories. Those with less than 6 CGPA will not be assisted by the college placement office for their placements. Answer the following questions related to equivalence partitioning based testing of these requirements.

1 point
How many partitions will be there for the input CGPA if we consider only valid inputs?
Ans   – A
1 point
Do the test inputs {CGPA = 8, CGPA = 9, CGPA = 9.5} belong to the same partition?
Ans   –  B
1 point
What is the expected output for the test case containing CGPA = 8 as input?
Ans   –  B
1 point
State true or false: A student has a CGPA of 6 and will be eligible to appear for placements for companies with a salary offer of INR 20,00,000/=.
Ans   –  b
1 point
Which of the following is a correct partitioning of inputs?

Ans   –  B
1 point
Amongst the various coverage criteria for input space partitioning, which is the most expressive and which is the least expressive?
Ans   –  A
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1 point
State true or false: Multiple base choice coverage subsumes pair-wise coverage.
Ans   –  B
1 point
Which criterion below will have a maximum number of test cases?
Ans   –  C
1 point

When does TT-wise coverage criterion become the same as all combinations coverage criterion?

Ans   –  D
1 point
State yes or no: While partitioning the inputs using equivalence partitioning, both valid and invalid inputs need to be considered.
Ans   –  B
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