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PAN Full Form

PAN Full Form is Permanent Account Number


What is the full form of PAN

PAN: Permanent Account Number


Visage stands for Endless Account Number. This is a card containing unique ten- number nascence numeric combination issued by the Income Tax Department of India. This card is issued by Income Tax Department of India, under section 139A of Indian Income Tax Act 1961.


Format of a Pan Card

The unique ten number nascence numeric combination is arranged in the following format




First five characters are letters, coming four are numbers and the last character is also letter.

The first three letters are sequence of rudiments, from AAA to ZZZ.


The fourth character specifies about the holder of the card. Each holder is uniquely defined as below


A- Association of Persons (AOP)

B- Body of Individualities (BOI)

C- Company

F- Establishment

G- Government

H-HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)

L-Original Authority

J-Artificial Judicial Person


T-AOP (Trust)

PAN Full Form


The fifth character shows on the Visage card is the first character of the surname or last name of the person, in the case of a”Personal” Visage card, where the fourth character is”P”or of the name of the Entity, Trust, society, or association in the case of Company/ HUF/ Establishment/ AOP/ BOI/ Original Authority/ Artificial Judicial Person/ Government, where the fourth character is”C”,”H”,”F”,”A”,”T”,”B”,”L”,”J”,”G”.


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