Prime Xor CodeChef Solution


Prime Xor CodeChef Solution

Prime Xor CodeChef Solution

For 33 distinct prime integers A,B,A,B, and CC (1<A,B,C<230)(1<A,B,C<230), we define positive integers X,Y,X,Y, and ZZ as:
X=A⊕B,Y=B⊕C,X=A⊕B,Y=B⊕C, and Z=C⊕AZ=C⊕A, where ⊕⊕ denotes the bitwise XOR operation.

Given only two integers XX and YY and the fact that at least one integer amongst X,Y,X,Y, and ZZ is odd, find the values of A,B,A,B, and CC.


  • You need to print the integers A,B,A,B, and CC in ascending order.
  • It is guaranteed in the input that a unique answer exists.

Prime Xor CodeChef Solution

Input Format

  • The first line contains one integer TT — the number of test cases. Then TT test cases follow.
  • Each test case consists of one line which contains 22 integers XX and YY.

Output Format

  • For each test case, print 33 integers — A,B,A,B, and CC in ascending order where (1<A,B,C<230)(1<A,B,C<230).


  • 1≤T≤1051≤T≤105
  • 1≤X,Y<2301≤X,Y<230

Sample Input 1 

1 6
9 15

Sample Output 1 

2 3 5
2 11 13


Prime Xor CodeChef Solution

Test Case 11: The answer is A=2,B=3,C=5A=2,B=3,C=5. Thus, X=2⊕3=1,Y=3⊕5=6,Z=2⊕5=7X=2⊕3=1,Y=3⊕5=6,Z=2⊕5=7. Note that XX and YY are same as mentioned in input and the values XX as well as ZZ are odd.

Test Case 22: The answer is A=11,B=2,C=13A=11,B=2,C=13. Thus, X=11⊕2=9,Y=2⊕13=15,Z=11⊕13=6X=11⊕2=9,Y=2⊕13=15,Z=11⊕13=6. Note that XX and YY are same as mentioned in input and the values XX as well as YY are odd. Thus, the values of A,B,A,B, and CC in ascending order are 2,11,2,11, and 1313.


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