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RDX Full Form

RDX Full Form is Research Department Explosive / Royal Demolition Explosive

What is the full form of RDX

RAW: Research Department Explosive / Royal Demolition Explosive


RDX stands for Research Department Explosive or Royal Obliteration Explosive. It’s an explosive emulsion which belongs to nitramines, a group of organic nitrate snares. It’s also called cyclonite, hexogen andT4.Its chemical name is cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine and the chemical formula is C3H6N6O6.

RDX was discovered by Georg Friedrich Henning of Germany in 1899 and the name RDX was chased by the British. It can be initiated by disunion, impact and temperature. It was first used in Second World War to produce important snares.

RDX Full Form


It’s a white crystalline solid

It’s hard and odorless

It’s undoable in water and other organic liquids

Its molecular weight is222.12 g/ spook

Its melting point is205.5 °C

It decomposes at 213 °C


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