RPM Full Form is Revolutions Per Minute

What is the full form of RPM

RPM: Revolutions Per Minute


RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute. It’s a measure of the frequence of gyration, the number of revolutions per nanosecond. It tells how numerous times a mechanical element revolves around its axis in one nanosecond. So, RPM is the rotational speed of a mechanical element similar as the crankshaft of an machine, power creator turbine, CD or DVD player and turbocharger.

RPM Full Form

A common illustration to understand the RPM is the tachometer in the dashboard of a auto. It shows the frequence of gyration of the machine. It measures how numerous times the crankshaft of an machine revolves around its axis in one nanosecond. Generally, a tachometer measures RPM in thousands so if its needle is at 2 it means the machine is at 2000 rpm and its crankshaft is revolving 2000 times in one nanosecond.


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