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RTGS Full Form

RTGS Full Form is Real-Time Gross Settlement

What is the full form of RTGS

RTGS: Real-Time Gross Settlement


RTGS is an acronym stands for Real Time Gross Agreement. As the name defines, it’s a nonstop ( real time) agreement of finances transfers collectively on an order by order base. RTGS is used to transfer plutocrat or securities from one bank to another on a real time and on gross base.


RTGS systems are generally used for high- value plutocrat deals that bear immediate clearing. It’s generally operated by central banks of the countries. The electronic payment system isn’t grounded on physical exchange of plutocrat. It reduces the quantum from A’s bank account and adds this quantum in accountB.


What’s the meaning of Real- Time and Gross Agreement?

Real- Time specifies that the instructions are executed at the same time they’re entered and the term Gross Agreement specifies that the agreement of finances transfer instructions occurs collectively (on instruction by instruction).

JAPAN BOJ-NET (Bank Of Japan Financial Network System)

UK CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System)

Hong Kong CHATS (Clearing House Automated Transfer System)

Australia RITS (Reserve Bank Information and Transfer System)

USA Fedwire

What’s NEFT

NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer. This is also a fund transfer system like RTGS. This is a nation-wide payment system used to transfer finances from one bank account to another.


RTGS Full Form


For further information on NEFT visit NEFT.



RTGS and NEFT both are used for electronic fund transfer. Both are used for same cause but there are some specific differences between them.


For further information visit RTGS vs NEFT.




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