VISA Full Form is Visitors International Stay Admission


charta visa, lit in Latin


What is the full form of VISA

VISA: charta visa, lit in Latin


VISA means charta visa, lit in Latin which means” document that has been seen”. It’s a document issued to a person or a stamp marked on the passport of a person who wants to visit other country.


It’s the authorization given by a country to a person to enter and stay in the country for a specified period of time. Piecemeal from VISA, the blessing of the immigration officers of the country at the entry point is also needed to enter the country.


Types of VISA

On the base of purpose of your trip, VISA can be of different types. Some common types of VISA are listed below


Tourist VISA : It’s needed when a person wants to visit a country for tourism similar as recreation, sightseeing or to meet musketeers and cousins.

Student VISA : It’s needed when a pupil wants to visit a country for advanced education.

Employment VISA : It’s needed when you want to work in a country.

Business VISA : It’s needed when you want to do business in a country.

Medical VISA : It’s needed when you’re seeking medical treatment in a reputed sanitarium of a country.

Exigency VISA : It’s demanded when there’s an exigency similar as death, accident or serious illness of parents, siblings and children or any other exigency situation.


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