China fires missile in Taiwan Strait: Multiple commercial flights diverted and cancelled

China-Taiwan tension: Airlines cancel, reroute flights during Chinese military drills

China deployed scores of planes and fired live missiles near Taiwan on Thursday in its biggest-ever drills in the Taiwan Strait, set to run until noon local time (0400 GMT) on Sunday in six zones encircling much of the island.

Taiwan-China latest news update: As China conducts its military exercise near Taiwan by firing live missiles, multiple flights have been cancelled or diverted, which connect Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia.

China-Taiwan news LIVE updates: China sanctions US's Pelosi over Taiwan visit

China was set to press ahead Friday with its largest-ever military exercises encircling Taiwan despite firm statements of condemnation by the United States, Japan and the European Union

China on Friday announced unspecified sanctions on the United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her visit to Taiwan earlier this week