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What is Database

What is Database , Before Knowing concerning info, should be having a Knowledge what’s Information and Data.

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What is Information?

Informations are organized and classified data, that has some meaningful values or data for the receivers. Information is the processes of the data on that decision and action is based.

Example : Name – Deep , City – Kolkata, Date – Today

What is Data ?

Data is a collection of small information.  Data could be assortment of a definite little unit of data. It will be in a spread of forms like text, numbers, media, bytes, etc. it will be keep in items of paper or electronic memory, etc.
In computing, information is data that may be translated into a type for economical movement and process. Information is interchangeable.

Example : Deep, Kolkata, Today

What Is Database ?

The database is  collection of inter-related data which is used to insertion and deletion also retrieve the data efficiently. Also it is used to organize the data in the form of a table, views, and schema, reports, etc.

Note: Using by the database, easily you can be access, update, and delete any information.


Type Of  The Database :


Type Of Database

  • Centralized Database : This type of database stores data at a centralized database system Process. By this,  the users to access the stored data from different locations from several applications. It uses the authentication process to let users access data securely and Privately.  Example –  Library that carries a database of each depertment book details in a college/university.

  • Distributed Database : This type of  database systems are connected via communication links. That links help the end-users to access the data easily. Example – Distributed Data to Homogeneous DDB and Heterogeneous DDB.

  • Relational Database : This type of database is based on the relational data model, which is storing data by SQL in the form of tuple and attributes and both forms a table or relation. Example – Relational databases are MySQL, Oracle, etc.

  • NoSQL Database : This type of database is used for storing a wide range of data sets. Example –  NoSQL database into the following Key-value storage, Document-oriented Database, Graph Databases, Wide-column stores.

  • Cloud Database : This type of database is stored the data in a virtual environment with executes over the cloud computing platform. Example – SaaS, AWS

  • Object-oriented Databases : This type of database is used the object-based data model approach for store the data in the database system. Example – Used By Object Oriented Database.

  • Hierarchical Databases : This type of database is stored the data in the form of parent-children relationship nodes. Example – Organize by tree-like structure (Root, Various Node/Level)

  • Network Databases : This type of database that typically follows the network data model.

  • Personal Database : This type of Databas is Collecting and storing data from the user’s system defines a Personal Database.

  • Operational Database : This type of database is create and update the database in real-time. By This, Data Will be Executed and handled daily in several company/business.

  • Enterprise Database : This type of database is used in large organizations/enterprises for managing a massive amount of data.


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